Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Endless Frustrations of Writing a Game

I am writing a game book, I've been plugging away at it for almost 2 years now and before that it's concepts sat shelved for 3 years by the original creator. I took these concepts from him to write the book because it was either I'd do it, or it would never be done. I firmly believe that this will be the best system out there in terms of quick play and realism, it does everything I want a game to do and I believe the gaming community and the world at large deserves to have access to something like that.

I now have the writings to a point where the game is actually playable, the system usable and the rules for the most part are consistent. I have a real game here, but having the writings is a far cry from having a book that's publishable. I might have a game but I don't have a product, and until I have a product I'm bound by a non-disclosure agreement so I can't share the details of the thing I've slaved away on for so long. I hate non-disclosure agreements.

I'm allowed to send the game out to others who I might bring under the magical NDA umbrella, but it's hard finding people. The people I find who might be interested and whom I think could offer valuable feedback are the same people who are busy as frak.

What I need is one other person who's as invested in seeing this game come out as I am, one person who feels the way I do, that this game is awesome and would honestly tell me if every single new section I write is worthy of this game or not.

Unfortunately, no such luck yet.

You may all ridicule me for being an emo bitch now. (Both of you.)


  1. Sounds fun. Wish I had the free time to volunteer.

  2. @vulcanstev Would be cool. You were a good sport with my CultoftheBear idea today. I'll definitely be sending it around once the NDA get's lifted.

  3. What do you need? I have plenty of free time at the moment.

  4. Perhaps a longer response would be in order. I have years of experience both playing and (attempting to) designing roleplaying games. I also have a pretty decent editing touch and I'm not afraid of hurting feelings. I would love to give you feedback and/or collaborate with you on this or other projects.

    For reals.

  5. @Ogre. I'll be in touch tomorrow. BTW I wanna see your review of Fired Up.